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The secret of peruvian aphrodisiacs on the witches market in Iquitos

The local sellers in this famous market, called Belén, what offer so various and strange products of the jungle revealed us the secrets of natural aphrodisiacs, which are traditionally used since ancient times. This marketplace with mysterious passage Paquito is a place where you can buy almost everything, the strangest plants and roots, various forms of forest tobacco, candles, natural perfumes for attract the opposite sex, all kinds of ointments made from caymans and snakes, also oils, sticks for blowing, skulls, bones and skins of animals, all sorts of medicines, forest honey, which is directly collected in front of you by some woman from the stump, medicinal liquors, latex from centuries-old trees, everything for shamanic use and for healers and offer all treasures what a wise and ancient forest provide for natural treatment. Many people are selling from their childhood and become old here, transmit their knowledge and secrets from generation to generation, early morning gathering plants in the forest, for offer every day fresh to others.

A big part of the products offered in this unique market promise to make a person more irresistible to the beloved person or multiply sexual potency. For this purpose it is used a so-called Puzanga, prepared from plants and animals (mammals genitals of Achuni) which are used to make perfume, collection and preparation is usually a ritual where person must be in diet or to wait that moon will be at some stage. Very popular liqueurs, which are prepared from different barks, roots, fruits from trees deep in the jungle, some are a combination of up to 21 plants. The basis for the preparation, where the roots and barks are macerated, is spirit "aguardiente" from sugar cane with honey.

The names of liqueurs are funny :-), such as "Levántate Lázaro" (stand up sluggard) prepared from the bark of Sanango, Chuchuasha, Fierro Caspi, Chicosa and genitals of Achuni with honey. People say that the most effective for men is "Párate hasta el fin del siglo" (stay up until the end of the century), made ​​from the beak of a bird Pájaro Carpintero, remains of turtles "Motelo", Chicosa, iron, Achuni genitals and the genitals of black lizard mixed with the popular liqueur "21 Raíces" (21 roots) made ​​from the bark Chuchuasha, Huacapurana, Tahuari, Cumaceba, Camu Camu fruit, ants Isula, Murari, also macerated in aguardiente with honey.

Other liqueurs are "Levántate pájaro muerto" (stand up dead bird), "para-para" (stand-stand) that is made from plants Cachachasca, cloves and genital of Achuni. For women, the most popular is "Rompe-Calzón" (tear panties) from 7 Raíces liqueur, honey, chuchuhuasi, saw and brandy. Heats the uterus, removes frigidity and prepares a woman mentally.

Other popular drinks are " Siete veces sin sacar" ( 7 times without pulling out), contains the bark of Chuchuhuasi, Huacapurana, Tahuari, Murari, Icoja, Fierro Caspi, Cumaceba, Clavo Huasca, Azúcar Huayi, Ajo Sacha, Chirisanango, Ipururo, Ceima Caspi, Una de Gato, Chicosa, Cocobolo, Huashaquiro, macerated in aguardiente with honey. Or "Super sexy", "Besame mucho" (Kiss me a lot) or "Sigue, Sigue" (go ahead, go ahead). Offer here, as you can see, is really large.

There is also a bar in Iquitos, called El Musmuqui, where people go to drink aphrodisiac and exotic liquors. It is a traditional custom here and the people here aren't ashamed to come before some celebration, weekend or mothers day for have unforgettable celebration.

People here say, "Everything is inside you, if you don't believe in yourself, you will not love anyone, If you have faith in a plant, liquor, or stone, then it will work.

Although this article seems to be fictional, the opposite is true, and these popular drinks are consumed here and sold in this incredible market. Everything what seems to be unbelievable, here is reality. Peruvians are a nation of relatively open people, with a great sense of humor.

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