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How to prepare a drink of Ayahuasca? - Recipes

This drink is traditionally prepared by Amazonian Indians of various tribes, whose recipes are passed down from generation to generation, it has its specific taste and consistency. The taste may vary, but is generally bitter, can be little bit sweet, sometimes spicy, it can burn the esophagus. For sensitive people, this can be a very unpleasant taste and induce vomiting. For somebody it's so specific that it is difficult to describe. The consistency is thick, sometimes you can meet paste of Ayahuasca. It has a brown to red-brown or brownish-yellow color. 

Preparation is very similar to each shaman, but may be slightly different accourding to each one, depends on his own procedure and composition. It is the best to drink only combination of Ayahusca and Chacruna. Shamans very often add some other plants, for have more visions, but rather it isn't recommended. Shamans use different kinds of Ayahuasca, you can meet with yellow A. (A. amarilla), black (A. negra), Shushupe (A. shushupe) and sweet (dulce or A. cielo), which is the most common. As the strongest is regarded the black one and Shushupe. Name Shushupe is called because is similar to drawing skin of a snake shushupe. Some shamans for high consumption must buy this creeper and keep it in the land, this is the best place for longer storage and retention of freshness. 

We have selected for you a few examples. 

  • Shaman Alberto 
First is collecton of 2 kg of creeper, Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) and leaves of Chacruna (Psychotria viridis). These plants should be collected in the morning when the moon is full and the person who collects them should be in the diet. The bark is cleaned and crushed to finer cooking, add 3-5 leaves of Chacruna, or add other (Datura sp, Tobacco, Toe ..). All these sheets are placed on the bottom of a large pot in the shape of a cross. Add 20 liters of water and cook for 8 hours. During cooking, shaman is singing shamanic sacred songs icaros, is smoking tobacco, both call up nature and Ayahuasca spirits. Drink gets a power from singing icaros. From the 20 liters shaman will get liquid of two liters. Add back 20 liters of water and boil again to 0.5 liter. This amount corresponds to 14 doses. If during the process reaches out the boiling water over the edge of the pot, they must to start the process again. 

  • Shaman Solom Don Tello, Iquitos, Perú (ayahuasquero-curandero). 
This was one of the best ayahuascero in Iquitos, who lived over 80 years old and worked long with the center Takiwasi (various addictions). He decided to become a shaman after he was hit by one Brujo (black shaman), after which he was blind in one eye. 

30-40 pieces about 30 cm long creeper, add 200 to 300 sheets of Chacruna, can be approached leaves of Ajo Sacha, Guayusa and Mucura. Boil three times and thus gain 3 stocks, whose content is gradually reduced from ½ to 1 liter. 

  • Shaman Jose Padilla, Iquitos, Perú (Ayahuasquero) 
1 kg of liana and 50 sheets of Chacruna, boil for 2 hours with 25 to 30 liters of water, broth was again collected and added to new water, is boiled for 2 ½ hours, both broths are reduced to 1 ½ liter. 

  • Shaman Luis Culquiton, Manacamari, Rio de Nanay, Peru (Palermo). 
8 pieces of 30 cm liana about 10 cm in diameter, add ½ pound chacruna sheets + 12 sheets of Chiric Sanango. Boil together in 40 l of water and simmer all day. At the end should provide 1 ½ liters of beverages.

  • Shaman Enrrique
50 kg liana + 500 sheets of Chacruna is boiled in 50 l of water for 16 hours, is repeated again with new water and is boiled 8 hours, broth is reduced to 2 litres.

If you will like to prepare your own "drink" we wish you a lot of good cooking experiences ;-)

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Source: our experiencies + komikame, ayahuasca - medicina


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