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Testimonials 2


Zahra (New York, USA), Summer 2013 

I had the pleasure of living in the Peruvian Amazon jungle for over three months this past summer. The Santuario healing center was my home during this time where I learnt the true meaning of living from the heart. My transformational journey included dieting with different sacred plant medicines, staying alone in tambo for half a month, participating in Ayahuasca ceremonies twice a week, taking long hikes through the jungle, learning from Maestro Enrrique about Curanderismo, and meeting lovely people from all over the world with similar interests in healing. There were two beautiful individuals who work with Maestro Enrrique to help make the transition for westerners visiting Peru more comfortable. Without their loving smiles and unfailing support when it came to connecting with the ‘outside’ world, my experience in Peru would not have been as smooth. They helped out with everything from translating conversations with Maestro Enrrique, arranging airplane tickets, purchasing food and other necessities for everyone, charging electronics, sending emails, and converting money into peruvian soles. I could not thank them enough for their assistance and positivity during my stay. They both are extremely trustworthy, knowledgeable, reliable, and sincere, continuing to be dear friends of mine. Sharing space with them in ceremony was very special as we each courageously made individual intentions to heal ourselves, and our ancestors together. Blessings to you both, I know our paths will cross again!


Zain (New York, USA), August 2013

Return from Santuario
It is about two months after I have returned from a three and a half month stay at Santuario Huishtin and I find myself missing Maestro Enrrique, his family, the Ayahuasca and the whole jungle environment very much. 

At Santuario I felt fully human, as Maestro explained to Zahra and I at one point: “Become like Adam and Eve.” Taking plant baths, being on dieta, living in the tambo, and drinking Ayahuasca definitely wore our many layers of societal conditioning thin. Maestro and his wife Aimay were deeply inspiring and their presence alone made us feel safe to go deeper into ourselves. To take Ayahuasca in a family environment- with Maestro and Maestra’s little children running around -left me with a vision of a future in the western world where plant medicines and humans will be united again in harmony. I truly understand Ayahuasca as a medicine now and also I have been given a glimpse of what I really am and that inspires me to continue learning about the Naturalessa my whole life.

We came quite unawares at first, we had experienced Ayahuasca and wanted to go deeper into the mystery. Maestro opened us up to a world that we only dreamed of. A world of spirits, magic, power, sacrifice, adventure...indeed it unfolded like a fairytale. We found that the many characters in the fantasy universe exist in our reality as well: Heros, villains, guides, and guardians. Two of our dearest guardian angels who helped keep our ties to family, friends and necessities back in the technological world. They were always ready to help in anyway they could (they spent many long hours typing up our emotionally charged letters to our families back in the United States...thank you again!). 

My experience at Santuario was transformative and I plan to keep returning to learn more. 

With Love to all fellow adventures, Zain


Glenn (Sweden),  summer 2013
My return at home was absolutly perfect. Nice just to take it easy, after been taken it easy at the Santuario. I felt that I needed this. The diet, ayahuasca, medicina and the place is a very strong experience, so I feel its good to just let it melt in my soul. I got answer of my bloodtest, I'm in the “normal” area, Men are suppost to have between 0-10, (how they mearsure inflamation in the body) I have had around 20 for the latest 10 years , but now I had 8, very good news ! I got very happy. The main thing is that it feels like something has been happening in the body! And I can still feel how its working inside me after back home.
Send my deepest respect, to Enrique and his family!

(Chiri Sanango is a plant what helped Glenn in the treatment of his illness - rheumatoid artrites, illness is from 1996)


Anna (Czech Republic), Spring 2013

I was 14 days in Sanctuary. Sun sends a violet flame in the morning, in the place where is cooked Ayahuasca. The stay here had for me a great benefits. Feel the nature with quiet and certainty, stay near to the trees, fall sleep with the view to the branchs and leaves, hear sounds of the jungle, wake up when you want. In the morning enjoy a shower next to the hot river, use lemon instead soap and shampoo...Use the medicine, what Roberto brings, and what is smoked by mapacho. After half hour you can have a breakfast, rise, potato, platanas, tee from Herba Luisa, water from hot river what get fresh in the bottel, is delicious and smooth. Before lunch you can spend your free time how you want, walking in the nature, rest in the hammock, talking with others, writing your notes, paint pictures, spend time with yourself, read books.  After lunch the time is similar, trips with Enrique and helpers to the jungle. With machetes they made the way, Enrique stoped at different medicinal trees and told us for what illness is it, smoked mapacho for protect us against bad things. Ayahuasca ritual was in the evening, but no every day, Enrique is Ashaninka and said that is no good to drink every day. The second ritual was the most beautiful experiencia in my life. Each ritual was beautiful, sacred, made with respect and humility, like a in the natural church, this is how I feel the Maloca, meditating and ritual space. Really who wants to be clean, must to be in the diet, how is in the conditions. It seems to be so strict, but is helpfull. The medicinal plants need it for their effects, some of them are even jealous and don't like that other person touch you.
I still remember all. Peru is my love. Is a lot of things to write. But my intern experiences are however incommunicable. This stay move the person so much. There is a lot of heart, solidarity with others, tolerance, love. :-)
Thanks so much for everything, organization was really good. There was waiting for me Pablo on the airport in Lima, he took me to the hotel Faro what is near to the ocean and beautiful park, in the morning he picked up me again and took to the airport, showed me where to go to check in for local flies (domesticos) to Pucallpa. There was waiting for me car and we continue to Honoria (2 hours), where was waiting for me the boat to Huishtin. In Honoria welcome me tha family of shaman and other people. It was so nice. We went by boat almost half hour and after one hour by walk. My lagguage was carried by people from Sanctuary and still the trip wasn't so easy for me, because from civilizated Europe you jump directly to the jungle.


Andy (Slovak Republic), Spring 2013

...I'm good and I feel so fine. It's interesting, during return flight to my home from Peru I was reading some book, and it helped me to get something what I started in Ayahuasca. Everything is as it should be...


Vera (Czech Republic), Summer 2013

Over twenty years i have vitiligo, depigmentation of the skin, in western medicine is incurable disease. I tried a lot of alternative medicines, but nothing, just here after two months in the diet with various plants I started to have a pigment again in small spots. It helped me to start healing process, I know that nature cure slowly and I must to wait little more time, because also I have this on all my body, but my internal cause was taken out. Enrique also cleaned my blood, where was the main problem. During stay in Sanctuary he also cured my chronic urinary inflamation what i had for a long time, several years.
During Ayahuasca ceremonies I had so beautiful visions about connection with the nature, full of love, also some ceremonies were less nice, because my body and my mind was cleaning, I depurated also my childhood in the past life, what was so important, after i felt huge qiet and peace.

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