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How do they work and treat the plants in the rainforest

In the old and wise rainforest there are so many already described and also still yet undiscovered medicinal plants and trees. Shamans who know and use them for their work, they say, that you will find here a cure for any disease, there is no disease that could not be treated. 

Plants work with people on a spiritual level. During work is so much important the diet that will help clean your body and prepare it for the healing power of plants. 

During ceremony Ayahuasca helps to the shaman to find out what exactly is a medicinal plant for you and your treatment. It is therefore absolutely individual work and is not any rule that for the same disease of two different people is used the same plant, because the causes may be different, and shaman will help you not only cure the symptoms of the disease, but the main cause. 

When the shaman goes into the forest to collect medicine, it is actually also a ritual, for his protection smokes mapacho (tobacco), speaks with a tree (its spirit - "mariri"), from which he will take the necessary part (as they call it leche - milk, resin, flema - mucus, corteza - bark ...). The wound that remains after the removal of the medicinal part, is healed during time when this person is with in the diet, how this wound will be healed it depends how this person is good and with respect and humility in this diet..). Each tree can put different demands on a diet, some (f.e. Capirona, Oje, Sapote Renaco ...) require a very strict diet because Oje is for example very jealous, Capirona very sensitive to contact with other people ... shall be a rule, that the larger and older tree (up to hundreds of years), provide the stronger and more delicate medicine. However, if the person fails to comply with proper diet, the wound of the tree is healed wrong and it somehow returned to this person (get worse illness, injury, another disease will come...). However, if all goes well, will improve the health status of a person stays connected with this tree, his spirit persists in him. 

The first day, before treatment, is usually used so called "vomitivo" which is a tea from a plant that has a very strong cleaning ability. They are individually different species, as Tobacco, Wayra Huisacha, Yahuar Panga, Hierba Luisa ... served early in the morning, at about 6-7 am on an empty stomach, onset of action is from a few minutes to 1 hour and duration of effect is different, Tobacco is shorter duration (about 5-6 hours) and the other is longer (11-12 hours). Cleaning is a hard vomiting of mucus, and sometimes diarrhea. During course is recommended to drink a lot of water, while which makes you want to vomit more, but even more carefully. Vomitivo cleans almost everything from the stomach and other organs in which is accumulated all from our lifetime and lifestyle. 

Some shamans use so called "secretos" (secrets) that are used to treat and show it only to the patient. These include a short prayer exactly in the midnight in which this patient attaches tuber of Jergon Sacha or beetroot to the affected area, but nobody cann't see it. It's used for breaking and removing evil curses. 

During the diet with medicinal plants is usually recommended don't take Ayahuasca rituals, because it would crossbreeding effects and some medicine, particularly the massive trees are stronger than Ayahuasca. Dieting with one plant usually takes from two to three weeks. 

At the end shaman will terminate diet by providing a pinch of salt and smoking energy centers with mapacho (tobacco) to close them. Because during the diet the body is energetically open, the shaman can see him as an open flower. 

Master plants not only cure the disease but also clean the body, they are as a protection against negative energies, bringing happiness into the lives and variety of knowledge, develop intuition and extrasensory perception, provide life energy. You can basically find whatever plant what you need in your life, but always they must be approached with respect and humility. Shamans use them in their training, it is actually a "university", which have various lectures, as well as diets with different plants each time you learn something else. Really good shaman continues his lifelong education and through his life undergoes more and more diets, and also due to maintaining the purity of body and soul. 

This article is based on our experiences but practices of other shamans may be of course different.

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