Monday, 1 September 2014

Peru declares cultural heritage of Ayahuasca

The government of Peru declared cultural heritage of the nation's traditional knowledge and uses of Ayahuasca practiced by indigenous communities in the Amazon jungle. The decision of the Peruvian government, with commentary by the director of the National Institute of Culture, Javier Ugaz Villacorta, was published in the edition of The Gazette, the official newspaper of the country. 

In the declaration is recognized, the Peruvian government says that Ayahuasca has psychotropic qualities, that is, they act on the psychical, mental activity, behavior, perception, to be known throughout the world as an indigenous plant that transmits wisdom all initiated into the own foundations of the world. 

It also confirms that the effects of consumption are equivalent to the entrance to the secrets of the spiritual world. According to the National Institute of Culture, the ritual of Ayahuasca has established itself as the center of traditional medicine and is one of the pillars of the identity of the Amazonian peoples, and its use necessary and indispensable to all members of the Peruvian Amazonian society. 

Ayahuasca drink is produced from cooking jagube (Banisteriopis caapi), along with a leaves of chacruna (Psychotria viridis). According to the Peruvian government, Ayahuasca has an extraordinary cultural history, by virtue of its psychotropic qualities.

Therapeutic virtues 

The National Institute of Culture said that the use and results obtained with Ayahuasca were necessary for all members of Amazonian societies at some point in their lives and essential to assume the role of carrying privileged, either through their communications with the spiritual world or to be expressed plastically. 

The Peruvian government claims that the effects produced by ayahuasca have been extensively studied because of their complexity and are usually different from those produced by hallucinogens. 

"Part of that difference is the ritual that accompanies its consumption, which leads to different effects, but always within a culturally defined and religious, and cultural affirmation therapeutic purposes margin," says Javier Villacorta. 

For the Peruvian government, the practice of ritual Ayahuasca sessions constitutes one of the pillars of Amazonian peoples identity and ancestral use in traditional rituals that ensure cultural continuity, is linked to its therapeutic virtues. 

"Protection of traditional use and sacred ritual of Ayahuasca, which differs from the decontextualized, consumptive uses and Western Wanted commercial purposes," the statement from the National Institute of Culture. 

Recognition in Brazil 

The Brazilian government also examines, through the Instituto de Patrimonio Historico e National Artistic (Iphan), a process to recognize the use of Ayahuasca in religious rituals as intangible heritage of Brazilian culture. 

In late April, at the Center for Universal Light Iluminação Cirstã - Alto Santo, founded by master Raimundo Irineu Serra in Rio Branco, Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil received the document with the request of representatives from the three centers that integrate founding pillars of Ayahuasca doctrines. 

The application won the backing of the governor of Acre, Binho Marques, who stated that "it is very easy to build buildings, but it is much more difficult to build a cultural strength like this." 

"It is our moral reserve, our source of wisdom. Myself, in moments of disbelief, no more hope for the future, was that I found much wisdom and enlightenment and credibility in the future. Preserve this wisdom, this culture and enlightenment is important to Acre. Acre is grateful. But I certain that Brazil will thank you to not only Acre "said Marques Binho. 

The program will present SBT Realidade the three founding pillars of Ayahuasca doctrines (Alto Santo, Barquinha and UDV), who asked the Iphan recognition of the use of Ayahuasca in religious rituals as intangible heritage of Brazilian culture.

Author: Altino Machado

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