Saturday, 30 August 2014

IQUITOS - Congress of Medicinal Plants 2015

Iquitos will host the Third Latin American Congress of Medicinal Plants, organized by Research Institute of the Peruvian Amazon, IIAP, with the participation of researchers from 10 countries, what include Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Guatemala, United Kingdom , Bolivia and of course Peru. 
This was announced by the head of the Knowledge Recovery Project for the Conservation of Biodiversity of IIAP, Elsa Rengifo, who said the event will be held from 12 to 14 August 2015, in our city. 
He said the previous congress took place in Chile, with the latest advances in medicinal plants, where more than 50 papers were presented about, number expected to far exceed in Iquitos, in view of the great interest that exists in the Amazon world. 
"Peru was chosen for the diversity of species that we know and directly to Amazon. Next year our country will be in the eyes of the international scientific community," said researcher IIAP. 
In Peru 1400 species of medicinal plants are used by rural men, of which 890 are from Amazonia, and it is known that at least 80 percent of the Amazonian population depends on the use of these plants to treat their health problems, and does not have the ability to access health facilities or drug from pharmaceutical laboratories. 
In Iquitos are used only 92 species of medicinal plants and an entire sector Market Bethlehem, known as Pasaje Paquito, is dedicated to marketing.

From: newspapers Ahora Iquitos

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